Daily wear and tear, along with spills and stains, can lead to permanent damage of your carpet fibers. Not having your carpets regularly cleaned also increases allergens in your home since your carpets will trap dirt, dust, and pet dander.

Cleaner Image Carpet Care will transform your dirty carpets into something you can be proud of! Not only will your cleaned carpets have a fresh, new appearance; Cleaner Image Carpet Care will make sure that your carpets are thoroughly clean down to the padding underneath! We achieve that deep clean with our special carpet cleaning process. Our carpet cleaning process cleans highly soiled traffic areas and restores your carpet so it looks fresh and new.

water-systemCleaner Image Carpet Care knows that you love your pets! Any pet owner knows, though, that when you have pets you’re going to have pet stains. Have you given up on trying to remove those seemingly permanent stains and offensive odors? Then, it’s time to call Cleaner Image Carpet Care! We can handle those minor pet accidents for you. So when it comes to those tough stains, don’t keep trying to scrub them out; you could permanently damage the carpet fibers. Let us take care of those problem areas for you.

When cleaning your carpets, we use purified water ( de-ionized water) to leave the carpets residue free. We also use a citrus-based green cleaning agent that is safe for your children, pets, and the environment. Drying times take about one to three hours. When we’re done we will leave shoe covers for you and your family. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by Cleaner Image Carpet Care. Please don’t hesitate in calling us at(630) 474-9223 to schedule an appointment.

Once your carpet is cleaned, I strongly suggest applying our Soil Blocker Carpet Protector, which is a green carpet protector, to extend your carpets’ cleanliness.  Carpet protector will keep your carpets looking cleaner longer, vacuuming will be more productive, and you will have a greater opportunity of removing those occasional spills. The most important reason to apply a quality carpet protector is that the protector will create a barrier against those damaging dry soils, which are the real culprit of your carpets wearing out faster.


Our professionally-trained cleaning technicians are here to walk you through every step of the cleaning process, from the initial inspection to pre-spray and spotting, to our speedy drying service so your daily routine is not interrupted.
We use Steam cleaning, with SX-12 and scrub each grout line while applying a tile and grout solutions.
We clean all Fabrics as well as dye and transfer testing. We determine the right cleaning process to assure clean and protection during the upholstery cleaning process.
We target problem areas quickly discovering if the pet stain needs surface cleaning or deeply embedded that requires a stronger removal process.
For automotive cleanings, we offer flat fees of $45 for small passenger cars and single cab trucks and $75 for larger SUVs and quad cab pickups.
Due to the varying size of rooms and furniture in a room, we offer free estimates prior to the job on Scotch guarding.


At this time, we will do a walkthrough of your home with you, taking note of your areas of concern. I will tell you which spots you can expect to come out and which ones may be permanent.


We will move a couple pieces for you at no charge. Large items such as: beds, dressers, and televisions will not be moved. Please have these items moved prior to our arrival if you would like them cleaned underneath. In general, large pieces that have never been moved aren’t subjected to regular foot traffic, so a simple vacuuming would do just fine.


Once we have your approval to get started, we’ll place moving blankets to protect your hard surface flooring from any equipment we bring into your home. At this time, corner guards will be placed to protect your walls from any of the hoses we use during the cleaning process.


We will apply a pre-spray solution to all areas of your carpeting that are going to be cleaned. This solution loosens the soils away from the fibers, allowing them to be flushed away.This safe solution takes care of nearly all of the soiling and spots on your carpet. Any remaining spots will be treated once this step is complete.


Depending on the soil level of your home, we may use a carpet groomer or rotary machine to help further loosen the soil from your carpets.


Once the pre-treatment is allowed proper dwell time, your carpet is rinsed with de-ionized water. This water is so pure that it has no minerals left, leaving your carpets softer than ever before. This is very important, as we never use any detergents through our machine that will cause rapid re-soiling.


Any spots that didn’t come out during our normal cleaning procedure will be taken care of at this time. Most of these spots will be from an artificial dye such as Kool-Aid. There is a small additional charge for removing these spots. Please note that they are sometimes permanent.


Your carpeting will be groomed to remove any wand markings and also to promote faster drying. Typical drying time is about 3 hours.


We will do a walkthrough of your home with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.